Each year one half of the NSW Committee resigns and elections are held, if necessary, to fill the vacant positions. The committee members that resign (stand down) are eligible for re-election.
Men’s Sheds in NSW have been divided into Zones and each zone is eligible to elect one candidate to the State Committee, 

•    Each shed in each Zone is eligible to nominate one member of the shed, who may vote on behalf of their shed.
•    Each shed in each Zone may nominate one of their members or a member of another shed in their zone, to be elected to the state committee.
•    Where more than one candidate has been nominated from a Zone an election will be necessary. If only one candidate has been nominated from the Zone no election will be necessary.

Each committee member is the Zone Representative for his Zone willing to mentor sheds in their respective zones providing advice and other support as required. 

It has been decided by the NSW State Committee that in years ending with even numbers elections will be held for the even numbered Zones and for years ending with odd numbers the odd numbered Zones would nominate candidates.

Nominations for Representatives in Zones 2,4,6,8 and 10 are being called for and are open until Friday 10th June 2016.
Zone 12 will not be contested this year as a Representative was recently appointed after a long vacancy but will require nomination at the next round of even numbers.

The 2016 Elections.

Nominations are now being invited for candidates for the current 2016 elections; these should be forwarded to the Returning Officer, Brian Durrant by email bd1944@bigpond.com or posted to PO Box 3299 Thornton NSW 2322 to arrive not later than Friday 10th June 2016.

 Enquiries to Brian Durrant 0418 251 981

The nominations must be in accordance with the attached format. Where more than one nomination is received for a Zone, elections will be held by each shed within the Zone voting as outlined above.
NOTE: The candidate being nominated need not necessarily belong to the shed making the nomination. It may be a member from another shed within the Zone that the shed is willing to nominate.

Successful candidates will take up positions on the Committee following the Annual General Meeting. Each elected Committee member serves for two years. The Committee elects the Executive of the NSW Branch.
Useful information to assist sheds

What Zone is our shed in?

Your Zone representative will be in contact with you shortly regarding these elections and to confirm your Zone.

Who is the current Zone Representative?

Go to the NSW Website nswmensshed.org and a listing of Zone representatives is available under ‘About Sheds’ and go to ‘Committee Members’


Zone elections are only necessary for Zones 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10. Nominations are only required for these Zones.

Who may nominate?

Only the authorized member from each shed may nominate a candidate for Zone representative and only one candidate can be nominated. The nominee need not be from the particular shed but must be from a shed that is a member of the Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA) and within the same Zone,

Lost the nomination Form?

Please contact Brian Durrant on bd1944@bigpond.com or ring 0418 251 981

What happens if an election is necessary in a particular Zone?

Each of the persons nominated will be requested to supply a photograph and a brief biography. These will be circulated to each shed in the particular Zone and a date for closing of elections advised. Remember only one vote is allowed from each shed

Australian Men's Shed Association- New South Wales Committee Nomination Form

   Click here to download a copy 2016 Nomination Form