Restoring the 1912 Sydney Ferry “Kanangra” 

The PUG Men’s Shed is working at restoring the Kanangra Ferry in the Heritage Fleet Workshops at Rozelle in Sydney. The Kanangra was one of two ferries built with a steel bottom and is the last one remaining.
The men meet every Tuesday and have set up their workshop on the upper deck where they have direct access to the doors and windows they are restoring.  I’m sure that when all have been restored  there will be other jobs they can move on to.
This is probably the only Shed in Australia working out of a ferry they are helping to restore but they are looking forward to the day when they can obtain a space of their own to work on a range of other projects.
The address of the Heritage Fleet Workshop is James Craig Road; Rozelle in Sydney and if you are in the area on a Tuesday then the members would welcome a visit.
For further information on this unique Shed contact the President Ross Hindmarsh, on Mobile 0414 660 839 or, via Email
The members of the PUG Shed have issued a challenge for other Sheds who think their workshop is also unique to send in details of their Shed showing the men at work.
Now this is Some Shed!
The finished windows on the Upper deck can be clearly seen.
Are there any other Sheds out there that are entered (or is it boarded) via a gangplank?
How many other Sheds have brass columns supporting the upper levels of their workshops?