The Wellington Men’s Shed arranges bi-monthly outings and following the recent devastating fires around Coonabarabran 27 men changed into their fencing uniforms to help farmers in the region who lost 34Km of fencing during the fires.
These 4 photos show how the members of the Wellington Shed demonstrate the Spirit of Shedding and in doing so have a great time while supporting those in need. 

The Men’s Shed Team

2 Km of Fencing in Two Days is a Great Effort

The Upper Reaches of the Castlereagh River is a Beautiful Area in which to Spend Time Volunteering

Now this is Luxury
More than half of the men slept out each night and rather than being a hardship it made them feel young, or younger, again
The farmer's workers could not believe the wonderful job that was done and said they were amazed at the speed and quality of the workmanship that would not need any fine-tuning to make the job complete. 
Thanks to Garry Hayes from the Wellington Men's Shed for sending these photos.